Who We Are

+ Benedikt David Diplom-Tonmeister

- Ina Nikolow Diplom-Tonmeisterin

Ina Nikolow studied Tonmeister at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. After graduating, she refined her studies and skills at the Banff Centre for the Arts (Canada).

As a CEO and co-founder, Ina is responsible for the perfect workflow during the recording, be it as recording producer or Tonmeister. With great empathy, she makes artists strive to their most brilliant performance. Her experience as a string player in chamber music ensembles and orchestras are very helpful for that. Afterwards, Ina spents countless hours working her magic in the editing process.

In her free time, Ina loves to be out and about, with her camera, visiting exhibitions - or on virtual journeys in books, films and podcasts.