Who We Are

+ Benedikt David Diplom-Tonmeister

+ Ina Nikolow Diplom-Tonmeisterin

- Thomas Egger Diplom-Tonmeister

Born in the province of Styria, Thomas Egger became a member of the world-famous Vienna Boys´ Choir at the age of nine, where he soon sang solo parts. After taking his A-levels, he entered the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna and studied Tonmeister.
Thomas is our expert in excellent acoustics. Since 2009 he has been very successful in planning and developing concepts in the field of room acoustics. He compares this activity with the skill of building a musical instrument, because he designs a room like an instrument. This technological knowledge enriches our recordings as well.
Thomas has been passionate about the Viennese Cuisine since his days as a little boy with the Vienna Boys´ Choir, with his favourite dish - Viennese Schnitzel with cranberry sauce.